Terms and rules

To maintain order in this forum, here are some rules that you should follow:

1. DO NOT post photos of actress/girls under 18 years old!

2. Create thread/post in appropriate section only

3. New users will not have access to all section. To gain access increase your reaction score by actively participating in forum.

4. DO NOT post links to other Boards/forums.

5. Add clear name and description of the actress and add image alt tags (details in help section) to make your fake appear in google search.

6. DO NOT spam! Dont flood with repeated requests and smilies.

7. DO NOT post off-topic/ controversial topic. We are not here to discuss politics or religion.

8. Use report button to remove any posts which is against the forum rules.

9. Do not contact us for asking any member's details. We do not keep or share members details.

10. Do not post personal fakes (non celebrity) fakes in public forum.

11. Do not post any extreme and disrupting images promoting violence and rape.

12. Do not post fakes of very old aged actresses.

13. Rules will be updated regularly based on the suggestions from members.

14. Images should be used for private viewing only and should not be used in anyway which may harm anyone in anyway.

15. Use image upload button if you are uploading your own fakes.

16. Do not post old fakes with other site logos such as sexbaba

17. Prior permission from admin needed for promoting anything on the site. Posting your ads without permission is not allowed, However you can put them in your signature without disrupting the forum.

18. Do not post actress images while requesting fakes, only mention names

19. Please use fakenudes.co logo in your fakes

20. Do not use old fakes collected from the site to make new fakes. Use fresh new images

21. Fakers post all his fakes in one thread. Do not make new threads for each fake.